From the Beijing Capital International Airport to the Hotel:


You are recommended to take a taxi which can be easily found from the taxi station outside the waiting hall of Beijing Capital International Airport. Please show the bilingual note (attachment) to the taxi driver if you do not speak Chinese. It takes you about ¥120 from the airport to the hotels.


If you prefer public transportation, you can take the Airport Express, exchange to Subway Line 10 at Sanyuanqiao Station (三元桥), and then exchange to Subway Line 4 at Haidianhuangzhuang Station (海淀黄庄), and get off at East Gate of Peking University Station (北京大学东门站) if you choose Zhongguanyuan Global Village or get off at Renmin University(人民大学站,exit from C) if you choose Beijing Friendship Hotel. Zhongguanyuan Global Village is then within walking distance (To Zhongguanyuan Global Village, please exit from C; To Conference Venue, please exit from D).

You can also get off the Airport Express at Dongzhimen Station, and exchange to Subway Line 2, when the subway arrives at Xizhimen Station, exchange to Subway Line 4, then, the East Gate of Peking University Station or Renmin University will be your destination.

It is suggested that you bring some Chinese currency or exchange money at the banks at the airport since the taxi and subway accepts Chinese cash only.

Bilingual Note:

You may show the Chinese notes below to the taxi driver.

Taxi Driver/司机师傅:

Please take me to/请送我到:

l   Building No.9 Zhongguanyuan Global Village, PKU北京大学中关新园9号楼



l   Building No.1 Zhongguanyuan Global Village, PKU北京大学中关新园1号楼



l   Beijing Friendship Hotel 北京友谊宾馆

Tel/电话:+86-10- 68498888


l   Yingjie Exchange CenterPeking University 北京大学英杰交流中心




Beijing Subway Map:


Hotel location:

Zhongguanyuan Global Village,PKU


Beijing Friendship Hotel